How it works


WUNDERBROW contains an exclusive blend of hair-like fibers, combined with specifically treated pigments designed to fasten onto skin and hair. This Hair Fiber Complex is then fused into our PermaFix Gel to create a flexible matrix, locking the natural color and hairs onto our brows. The results are natural looking, perfectly shaped eyebrows that last for days.

WUNDERBROW is a new solution which allows women to easily fill, define and shape their brows with natural looking color that lasts until they decide to take it off. WUNDERBROW gives the convenience of the perfect brow, at home, and in one easy step.

Traditional brow pencils, powders can be hard to apply, have multiple steps, can lock unnatural and don’t stay in place or last throughout the day. Some women are so desperate to brows they go to the extreme of “eyebrow tattooing.” This process certainly lasts but often looks unnatural, is painful and expensive.

Formulated with its proprietary Flex-Tensor technology in combination with moisturizing agents and color correctors. The Flex-Tensor Technology is designed to micro-fill and smoothen imperfections on the surface of your skin, reducing the appearance of surface lines and wrinkles, and helping minimize the appearance of puffiness and dark circles under your eyes. Skin stays smooth and flexible for hours, and does not whiten or flake like some other products.

WUNDERLIFT also releases a proprietary complex of “micro-fillers,” which penetrate into the surface of the skin. The “micro-fillers” are made up of nano-HA particles in combination with lipid enhancing compounds which work within the skin to plump, fill and firm the skin, allowing for enhanced results that can have long term anti-aging benefits.

A NEW long-wearing foundation that feels like skin but has staying power of 24 hours+. COVERPROOF was created with a successful Tri-Plex formula. Three levels of the formula work together to make COVERPROOF the go-to for women looking for the ultimate performance in foundation.

COVERPROOF is breathable with concentrated, treated pigments to provide high-coverage and 24-hour staying power. A breathable film-former enables the foundation to be transfer and smudge proof.

It moves with the skin, which makes COVERPROOF the most comfortable skin-like foundation on the market. A combination of two polymers work to keep the formula feeling flexible and eliminates any discomfort. These polymers enable a “gripping” power also – any colour applied on top will bind with the foundation for a long-wearing finish!

COVERPROOF provides a natural glow and flawless finish. A third polymer PolyGlow, finishes the skin with a healthy natural look. This polymer also works to make COVERPROOF waterproof as well as transfer proof.

Additionally, using COVERPROOF will contribute to a healthier, hydrated skin as it contains Vitamin A, C & E.

A luxurious feeling oil-based cleanser, specifically for removing WUNDERBROW and other long-wearing makeup products. This easy one-step cleanser has been created to eliminate tugging and snagging of delicate skin around the eye area. WUNDERCLEANSE leaves skin feeling clean and nourished.

Simply massage WUNDERCLEANSE onto the area where you applied WUNDERBROW then remove with a cotton pad or cloth. Rinse with water and pat dry if reapplying WUNDERBROW.

This lengthening and volumising mascara combines two formulas in one tube for instant results. It is long-wearing, standing up to tough conditions (sweating, crying etc). This dual-formula technology seamlessly blends together upon application.

‘Blue’ Volumising Formula – coats individual lashes with “micro-hydra-tubes” to hydrate, nourish and thicken. It also prepares lashes to be coated by Formula 2, which is housed in the same container for fast results in less than 2 minutes.

‘Black’ Extension Formula – mini tinted “lash extensions” grip to individual lashes to mimic the look of real eyelashes and create length instantly. After 14 days of use, lashes will appear 25% longer due to a special clinically tested ingredient that accelerates lash growth.

This mascara provides length and the look of voluminous lashes form root to tip for up to 3 days. It works with PermaFix gel that provides flexibility and locks mini tinted lash extensions to existing lashes. Concentrated pigments also bind to the existing hairs, defining and creating the appearance of a fuller lash. The Stain Mascara can stand up to very extreme weather conditions (rain, snow, humidity etc) as the PermaFix gel works inside the formula to create a smudge proof mascara that does not flake.

A defined, tapered wand allows for easy application to the smaller hairs along the lash line.

The Lash Extension Stain Mascara can also be used as a base to create length and volume for your favourite mascaras!

To remove the mascara, all you need is an oil-based cleanser or waterproof eye makeup remover. Simply massage lightly onto the lashes and wipe away with a cotton pad.