Coverproof Foundation - MEDIUM DARK

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• Comfortable & flexible long-wear foundation that moves with your skin
• Stays in place for 24+ hours – transfer-proof, budge-proof and waterproof
• Natural luminocity thatlooks like real skin
• Versatile coverage – go from light to full coverage with one product
• Buildable formula – reapply on problem areas to act like a concealer for extra coverage where needed

Age spots, blemishes, dull skin & decreased radiance are all skin issues that we face daily. All women are looking for the ultimate performance in foundation – that’s why they are mostly loyal to one brand. However, we are always trying to find something better. Women are looking for the same attributes in their foundation: even coverage, natural finish, radiance, comfortable, longwear, easy application, non-irritating and good for skin. New foundations are introduced all of the time with these various claims, but it’s always a “give and take.” If they get a natural finish they sacrifice coverage. If it’s too comfortable, long-wear is sacri ficed. The WUNDER2 scientists spent over two years to create a new technology for color and tone correction that establishes a new standard for the category.

WUNDER2 created a brand new technology which allows for flawless coverage that lasts for over 24 hours, provides a natural radiance and is nourishing for the skin. COVERPROOF Foundation’s luxurious, light-weight formula renders imperfections invisi ble to transform the look and feel of your skin. WUNDER2’s revolutionary Tri-Plex Technology works on three interconnecting levels to deliver exceptional performance without any compromise. COVERPROOF will transform the look of your skin in under two minutes. Flawless, long-lasting coverage and natural looking skin are all within reach with this advanced foundation.

The revolutionary Tri-Plex long-wear formula works on three interconnecting levels to deliver long-wear performance that’s comfortable & flexible, ultra-buildable and exceptionally nourishing:

1. Tri-Plex [1]: A high performance, breathable film former in combination with treated pigments provides tremendous 24+ hour long-wear coverage and enables the transfer proof and smudge proof attributes of COVERPROOF.

2. Tri-Plex [2]: Typically, long-wear/non-transfer makeup products are uncomfortable on the skin. Many utilize ‘softeners’ to offset discomfort, but these ‘softeners’ ultimately break down the makeup and compromise the long-wear attributes. COVERPROOF negates discomfort by uniquely combining two polymers which form a flexible matrix that literally moves with the skin, making COVERPROOF a very comfortable, long-wearing formula. As an added benefit, these polymers work in synergy with Tri-Plex [1] to enhance the long-wear capabilities of COVERPROOF as compared to ‘softeners’ which break down long wear potential. Lastly, Tri- Plex [2] has ‘gripping’ capabilities which will help enhance the staying power of any color applied over COVERPROOF.

3. Tri-Plex [3]: COVERPROOF uses a third polymer, PolyGlow, to provide a natural glow and flawless finish uncommon in most long-wear makeup. Most long-wear foundations are formulated with light diffusers, which are large particles and ultimately contribute toward an unnatural look and feel. PolyGlow utilizes microparticles to achieve a natural appearance to the skin with a healthy glow. In addition, PolyGlow allows COVERPROOF to be completely waterproof.

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